Friday, April 16, 2010



life is weird. been taking up time lately chillin', skating & playing music. trying to keep my mind off stupid unexpected shit. getting my life fixed up, i have hella money saved up which now i have no use for since i was saving it for a special reason. but not anymore. so i'll add more & see what it will be used for. i was supposed to take a placement test at skyline yesterday but i flaked. i read online that if i already took a test and/or if i took an english or math class at another college, i'm exempt from the test. so i called in today to make an appointment to see a counselor but turns out i don't even need to. stoked. so i'll get my registration date on the 21st & hopefully i can get into that english class. i just realized that i only really have a little bit of classes to take before i transfer out. by this time next year i'll be done with the community college life. woooo. finally though. richard kelly's birthday was yesterday & so tonight we're going down to titties to eat. i'mma get fucked up & celebrate. tomorrow commissure is playing a movie promo party for warner bros. movie "the losers" at the ave bar on ocean ave. hope that goes great. i spoke to a special lady yesterday & we're gonna start hanging out a lot more, she suggested everyday. i don't mind that. we'll smoke ciggies & talk about life since that's what we do best. kinda looking forward to this weekend i guess.

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