Friday, July 30, 2010

familar faces, familiar places.

went to los angeles this past weekend. it was the final party at cactus haus, where we played a show back in april. it was a long drive, fucked up tires. hella hot.

who doesn't like dancing with richard kelly?

total ladies man.

gettin' it

outdoor living room

couches for the sleepy ones

huge ass cactus


hung out with sveta at her abode the night before i left. watched some rad films she made.

teishan, our australian visitor, was chillin' too. checkin' out some zines.

getting the van packed the next morning.

savage co-pilot

van life.

during pit stops we would skate & teach hayley & addy how to skate. hayley was shreddin'.

last visit.

shotgunned beers as soon as we arrived.

came in to see this wild dance room, no one told me to bring my bra though...

going on a week long trip. driving to vegas tomorrow, then camping somewhere (shaver lake?) on wednesday til sunday. i'll probably explode of life. kinda overwhelmed right now. i don't know. but i'll take photos & i'm bringing my skateboard. see ya all when i get back.

celly cell

photos via phone.

these birds are eating that pile of random shit on 22nd. don't really know what it is, but it's been there for a few days. these dudes are feasting. maybe it's some garbage leftover shit or something from popeye's heh.

chilled at sveta's before that ghost's show at hemlock. wednesday.

taeer with 2 hats. forgot she had 'em on

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


came out for a few drinks yesterday & chill with vicki since she just moved up da street from zeitgeist. chill.

via sveta

it was gerald's 23rd birthday. he came down for a bit before he went to eat pizza.

vicki & amir. bean flickers


i guess i can still take photos with my phone even though i can't see what i'm shooting. here's some pictures from the past few weeks where i've fucked around taking shit.

little bug

went to LA this past weekend for cactus haus' last party. here's me & riley sometime around 5 or 6am.

bryant st haus post-emo night

young eddy!

chilled with darth marz at dolores. day of gummi caterpillar

it's been nice out here sometimes.

grim tuck, shreddin

the crew at north beach, filming for "blood rape"

Friday, July 23, 2010

skate diary

photos ranging from 7/17 to 7/20...

jeff hittin up karaoke with "josie"

this is my bluh

the crew, killin' it

young tuck!


jeff lennon

gummi caterpillars

hit up dolores for a sesh saturday before maps & atlases at bottom of the hill.


came out to lauren's house after the show to chill.

owner of da haus


sunday. randy with a front crooks

heavenly loaf

got a good night sesh going

hen came through to party, broken foot ain't gonna stop him.

royd's first time.

alison! yeaaahhh

diary night, one year anniversary.

da spot.

hit up bryant st. haus after emo night, a good way to end it.

cool by association.

more photos from the weekend, diary night & more on meesha's blog and hen's blog.