Wednesday, April 7, 2010

lagging at life

i was going through my old xanga posts & i came across this, from 2004 a little after graduating high school.

"10 things I want to do before I turn 25 {in no specific order}.

1] go skate.
2] film a video part that i am extremely proud of. one that is better than my part in "The 13 Video." which will be kinda hard to do.
3] move out and rent out an apartment and share it with my friends.
4] road trip to LA w/ the guys on 13 and guests.
5] drive down to SoCal to watch fingers cut megamachine perform.
6] tackle Michelle's suckass.
7] get my tattoos done.
8] do something romantic for tatty and then have her do something romantic for me. (that way we can write essays about "the most romantic thing someone has done for you.") mwuahahahaha.
9] take those in the OP bathroom (kerry's idea.)
10] find a major that i am happy with, so i can get a job i like."

well here we are almost 24, let's see how i'm doing so far:

1] everytime i can
2] done. i'm extremely proud to have filmed & finished buzz kill. but now i gotta top THAT, filming for come back.
3] still live at home... i was actually saving up to move out w/ a lady but that would've complicated things so i decided to save up to move out w/ friends, heh.
4] gone down to LA on 2 occasions, none of 'em skating but i have been able to skate out there with some of my best homies, as 13 doesn't really exist as much anymore.
5] fingers cut megamachine is now just devon williams solo. he plays SF but i have yet to see him play, just messages back & forth via myspace.
6] nah
7] i got ONE tattoo done, but the one i've been wanting hasn't happened yet.
8] never did anything romantic for tatty, except maybe give her a skateboard. but i have gone on to being romantic to a girl i dated afterwards. i suck at romance but tried anyways.
9] haha never fucked in there & now that i think about it, i'm cool off that. fucked in the back patio of a bar though...
10] took me long enough, but i'm majoring in sociology looking at a career of guidance counselor and/or teacher. not done yet, but i'm almost there.

kinda crazy how i planned this out. looking back, it's kinda whatevs. more about fun than actual life shit. but it kinda sucks cuz my life is almost the same now. haha. what the fuck. i got one year left & the only real thing i'm trying to get done with now is school. fucking school.


Mandy Marie said...

hahaha! number 6 "nah"

Anonymous said...

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