Wednesday, September 29, 2010

new chapter in life

i have an iPhone now, thanx 2 gonz.. better quality pics now

but it probably won't last long

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

heat is death

sundays were meant 2 be skated

chill benches & flat, why not


goodbye elmo

saw some stupid ass bike thing on 21st, wonder if they use da bike lane


nala was there

as was the legend

& this ugly ass ho

hidden skateboard

went 2 da pffr presentation at the roxie, holy shit it was sick. saw some wonder showzen, kids show, xavier, a prank porno, music vidz & other rad ass shit. this dude is a genius

Monday, September 27, 2010


helped out tuck, taeer & zach on their movie bloodrape last saturday. went 2 some house on valencia to shoot a punk show scene.

shot callin

settin up



svetz on da camera

sick ass room

hidden room undaneath; chu look great 2day

came back 2 cereal casa after

this heat is fuckin killer tho

emo night

hey guys! let's get perked

meet up with some amigos/as

jack & ginger's got me feelin good

head back home, dance with friends

take my shirt off, fo da ladies of course

get carried

eagle knives


check out my red chest

fun night.. too wild

allergic 2 cats

chill saturday, rolled around with da bug 4 a bit before we found somethin 2 do.

visited jaren @ work, mario was lurkin there & kristin was gettin a tattoo

went to young eddy's, got a bbq goin

drove out 2 da sunset afterwards, chilled with the homiesss

sweet sombrero dude

dirk's new stache

sneeze attacks

lauren hate