Thursday, October 30, 2008

im an idiot

kenny matt vicki gonz t hawk eddie and i chilled at newells i forgot to take pictures so chu get a picture of 3rd st hope i dont get shot

shitty day out

its the turn of the season might as well smoke a blunt.

vallarta life

had a nice tall can/blunt sesh at dolores before we skated down here for some nice munch.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Skateboarding's Not A Competition.

Latey I've been bumming out on people in the skate scene. Skateboarding to me was and still IS just fun for me. Going out to skate with my friends and skating whatever spots, hanging out. Not trying too hard on some days, or going balls to the wall another. Having fun, playing SKATE with each other just for fun. Maybe skate some curbs or fuck, whatever, whatever. Lately I've been running into people or people just tell me the craziest shit. "Oh, I did this & that at this spot. Yeah and I also did this, too." Fuck. I don't really care what you did man. As long as you're skating that's cool. You don't have to prove your skills to me or anything. I'm not the dude that makes fun of you if you suck or whatever I just don't care. It doesn't really matter what you did at this spot because it's not affecting my life whatsoever, you did it? Rad man. Props, whatever. But everytime? Dude it's kinda lame that all I hear from is stories about what you did. Also, people that ask me if I'm better than so-and-so. I don't skate to be better than anyone. That's probably why a majority of the time I like to skate with myself of the homies. We don't care about skills. If something sick happens, we're stoked, we don't get bummed that we can't or can do the same trick. It's just a shared experience we all have. But anyways, it doesn't really matter to me who's better than me or who I'm better than. That has never crossed my mind. If I skate with rippers, that's rad and it's fun, but it's also the same fun as I'll have if I skate with beginners or whatever. I don't pay attention to who's doing what because when you start to, the fun starts to go away. I'm always gonna have fun skateboarding and not worrying about what anyones doing. I don't like being asked if I'm better than you or him or anyone, because honestly, it's kind of annoying, and I might be a dick about it, but that's probably because everyone that talks to me about skating has to ask me if I'm better than someone and the truth is, I don't care. If they are, OK. If not, OK. It doesn't matter to me. This competitive mentality is not gonna be a part of my life, and if it's a part of yours, then that's gonna be your downfall and one day you'll realize that you're not doing it for fun, you're doing it to be the best. While that may be true, we all want to be good at something, but do it progressively, not because someone's doing it already or because you're trying to one-up someone. I've skated with people that will see you do a trick and if you don't land it, they'll go and try the same trick. OK you might land it first or get close but seriously, that's lame. That's like telling me you're gonna buy a PS3 next week and I go out and buy it tonight, just because I can to say "Hey look I can do that and I did it before you."That's not cool, so why try to take someone's trick? I don't know. I just feel like nowadays kids are feeling like they have to prove something but I say just do it for yourself. It's cool if kids come up to me and say "Hey I know you" or whatever and that's cool, thanks man it's cool to be recognized and I'll talk to you. But then you start asking if I can do this trick or that trick or if I'm better than some guy you know. Yeah I can do some tricks and not all but I don't know who I'm better than, that thought has never crossed my mind. I'm doing it for myself to be as good as I can be to myself, not to rank higher than someone else. Whatever. I'm probably just repeating myself, but I've just been bumming out lately on some people, maybe because they're just kids or maybe because they actually think like that. I don't know, I hope this doesn't make me come off as a dick, but it just sucks to be asked this kind of stuff while just trying to skate and have fun. That's all, just had to let shit off my chest.


Baby Angel Isaac and Vicky. She's mad because I thought she spends her money on boys when she actually said toys...soorrrryyyy

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sweet spot

hen skating these banks. asics suck as skate shoes, as does skating in work clothes so imma come back to skate another time

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

tough guy

back t

Got this one today while out on a filming sesh

not dr. z

I was looking through my old computer's pictures and I found this one, hella funny. Maybe I'll post more old shit more often hahaha


ran into nick and amanda

no fucking

fake vs. real grass

fuck astro turf

spot searchin

some are ok some are lame

nollie heel

rich killya and ed and i are trying to find new spots

never had a black eye



hes happy now

perked 2

ed is perked

stduio madness

hahaha ed gor his ass beat by gonz oh well can't be tough forever

Saturday, October 18, 2008

cant say i didnt try

cant say i didnt get pictures of the event.

Red Bull Soap Box Derby

came too late but there were hella people here..cops came and poured beers out but didnt catch me heh too weak

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hanging Out With Angel.

He's cool. I haven't seen him in a while and it's awesome he's been coming back to chill. He's starting to talk so I'mma become teacher again.

Vallarta Bathroom Art.

Got perked last night and walked over to Vallarta with Shelly and got some food during a Guitar Hero sesh. Found this as I was pissing and laughed a bit.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


skipped class today and checked out guitars with Gonz. Ate hella good burgers and garlic fries afterwards at some place near his work. It's hot out today dang.