Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back To The Frankenfoot Life.

fucking lame. gotta wear a splint for a few days, sup with a blunt to heal the pain ehhhh

i hate coming here.

always bad times...

Unchained @ Balazo.

ahhh shiet last night was a good one. i don't know all the bands that played but i got some of unchained and the first band who had 2 singers. i was reaalllyy drunk last night. i rolledmy ankle in the pit so i lurked on the side for a bit where i met this girl. she swooped on my sweater but not my iPod, and i got her number so i guess i can get my sweater back. :P walking back home sucked ass. i'm going to the hospital to check it out though. ugh. no skatingfor a while is gonna be lame, but at least its supposed to rain all next week so that evens out.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Support Local Music.

look at the ripper at popeye's right now....killin.

also, go check out unchained and ordstro tonight at the balazo. they are my homies so if chu into punk rock and hardcore...go! duh


a good night at pops last night turned shitty hella last minute. woke up today & smoked with ed. our psych teacher brought in her dog today and he was cool. gonz and i ate lunch at sugar bowl.

thursday practice.

practiced with our new bassist ryo last night...hella good! he's in fo sho


we hit up rhl wednesday night to practice a bit and play some skate

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Wish I Was There.

fuck it, at least we got interstate 8, baby blue sedan & all nite diner

I Wonder How Loose His Trucks Are.

Pretty rad shit I guess, I'm not even gonna hate. Total 80's steeze.

Check out Raymond Molinar's blog. He's a pro skater, but also takes good ass polaroids. He's in SF right now, and his recent shots are of the city.

Thanks to Ryan Gee for the hook up. He's kinda stylish:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

crew zing

today was a nice ass day!! i decided to skip class, which i might have to drop, and go skating. its been raining lately so i havent been on board for a while. i skated down treat and hit up the park on 23rd. it was chill i skated there for a bit then got kicked out by park dude. oh well. i went to guerrero with kelly and she got food at some place tartini i think was the name. and i saw some weird taxi with like superman coming out or something on valencia. talk about advertising.

studio (last night)

it was one of those nights yesterday where we all were bummed so we went to the studio. i had my food, a 40 and a tall can set for a good night. rk and kerry came down and gonz and i worked on songs.

modest part 2

so the modest mouse show was DEATH. my phone died sometime duuring the show which bummed me out. mimicking birds were mellow, japanese motors sucked! mm played goooood ass songs. probably their best show i've seen...encore = interstate 8, all night diner and alone down there. they even played baby blue sedan. i can totally die in peace now.

modest mouse - oakland 2.22.09

Balazo Show.

the show last saturday went fucking good. the bands that ended up playing were us (commissure), panduhs, room for a ghost and dandelion war, which were the secret bands. all bands played gnarly and hella people were there everyone had fun