Saturday, August 28, 2010

east coasters

glad the clarissa dudes are having fun in da east. ray told me about what happened in nyc, now i see!


Friday, August 20, 2010

hit up da chrome store (wtf?) yesterday for a party or whatever was going on with all the bike boyz & girlz. came 2 late 4 da free beer, only had ONE fat tire. whatevz

first (last) time here.

probably da only cool shit here

is da gonz art

blaahhh heard werd of free booze @ mission workshop, so we headed out there.. darth marz & da hen. workshop was rad, ran into cam, morgan & crew as it was shelby's art opening there too. if ya go 2 da shop, check it out. soooo gooooodddd



more photos from da lurk life or whatever...

yummy chicken with da guyz b4 practice

kim's birthday party

rod was 2 perked

friday da 13th

PERK ALERT! it's getting around

emo nite @ pop's

early morning sesh at millbrae

free ice cream @ dolores! yessssss

i got a show comin' up.... come check it out.

still alive.

cracked screen trip

took these pictures from my camera phone during da trip we took.

jack in da box lunch sesh


missed chu in lv

hotel partiez



accidental trip 2 paris

jon borrowed my button up

drawing on da bible

trip 2 da sierras

rad view

get low

phones suck

Saturday, August 14, 2010

clarissa explains it all

da homies from clarissa explains it all are touring da east coast right now, they left on tuesday. if chu or anyone chu know is out there, let 'em know about this! these guys are amazing live.

follow them on their tour via tumblr:


fish creek

starting fires, listening to death metal


oh hey man!

went to rock creek for a dippin sesh

so chill

jon tried to talk to some teenage girls chillin at da bottom, gonz came behind & pantsed that nigga.

model pose, pubes & all




v-necks thru out da trip. uniform for life

rockin' out to linkin park, courtesy of big al & big bob.

camp neighbors big al & big bob chilled with us da first night, heard their jamz, drank their whiskey, talked about life.

meat! breakfast lunch & dinner. bbq's rule

in da sierras

stopped to czech out da view


good ass trip. so much fun. nice views, mellow people. weather was fun.

i got more pix of da trip via camera phone, will post l8r yo