Saturday, January 15, 2011

goodbye blogger.

since december, i haven't been able to post my pictures on this shit. so lame. i didn't wanna go to re-bloggin land aka tumblr & woulda rather stayed loyal after 3 years (?) on this shit. but i guess i had no choice.

new blog, still doin the same shit, will try to re-blog as little as possible!


enjoi & goodbye...although i might make random posts on this from time to time.


2010 was wild:
- commissure's 1st tour. we headed out to austin,tx & made some stops. so fucking fun.
- broke up w/ gf of 5 years, heh. whatevs. hella stoked now though even though at first i was bummed. oh well, ya learn.
- shows, shows, shows!
- made new friends, hung out with others a lot more.
- had fun.
- explored.
- met cool girls & shitty girls. whatevs.
- SKATEBOARDING! fuck yeah, hit new spots, learned a shitload of new tricks, filmed a bit, was in the friends section for skating on the tv, started official come back///hail santan filming.
- job situash is getting better.
- no school.
- i had a bike for a bit. reminded myself why i love skateboarding.
- raccoons!!!

i guess that's it. 2010 was rad.
that's all pretty much i can think of right now.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

boob mansion.

check this video my homie evan posted. probably done by one of his friends or something. rad skating though...

Sasha Grey Returns from Quinn Arneson on Vimeo.

saw some familiar faces, familiar spots, familiar titties. no lie, either. weird.

holy fuck.

good ass mike york interview, via chops.

from the first question, hooked:

"First things first, are you still considered the official skateboarder of the hyphy movement?

Nah, that movement has kinda died out. I was happy about it at the time because it was a way for everyone to just go crazy and it was accepted. Fools weren’t trippin’ on you for having a good time and not trying to act all macho gangster. But whatever… that was more of a joke anyway. Now I’m a dad so I’m more part of the Yo Gabba Gabba movement."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

smart contest part 2.

enjoi skateboarding - smart contest (round 2) from viper on Vimeo.

losing my babies.

dick injury via pv last night, skating for randy's birthday.
but it's looking good.
no bumps, no bruises, no pissing blood, and i'm able to pop bonerrrrssss.

haha, fuuckk.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


enjoi skateboarding - smart contest (round 1) from viper on Vimeo.

good shit! enjoi dudes, killin' it as always.

i haven't hung out with anyone.

if i did, i'd have nothin' to say.

fuck mobile blogging.

blogger's done it again. i dunno what's up but my pictures won't post when i send 'em via phone.


disposable life pictures coming soon, i have 3 rolls to post up. maybe later.

fuck a phone, there's no point in having one anymore if my pictures don't even send. latterrrr to THAT.

stocking up on cammies. gonna be lurking hella hard nowadays.

it's about a knife.

it's about your world.

find a way to release the excess.

you'll find yourself better off.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

commissure @ el rio!

we're playing el rio tomorrow. come down, $6.

ALSO: we made a blog/website for the band. it's got news, vids, links, downloads & other cool shit on it. it's still being worked on but check out what we have in there in the meantime:

Saturday, December 4, 2010

new board.

thanks john & streetwise. first time fuckin with sticker/grip art. not bad. life motto. great reminder.