Saturday, November 29, 2008

Get Together at Kim's.

Last night Kim had some homies over at her place. I was still feeling sick, so I didn't drink too much, a 40 a beer and 2 shots of Jameson, I was getting paranoid about mixing medicine with alchol. A nice crew of people was there last niGht,and we had fun. Sing alongs, dancin, and shotgunning beers. I bit too hard onto a bone of via prime rib and epicly loosened up one of my baby teeth, it sucks! I hope it doesn't fall off, that would be lame. Well tonight we're celebrating the Hen's 21st so come out if chu are age appropriate...we'll be hitting up Zeitgeist and other bars around the area.

Crazy Angel.

why chu gotta hide?

Friday, November 28, 2008

black friday

today the weather is still shitty. gonz and i went to guitar center for a while and ran into steve, dooooooooood! then we went to go eat, we decided to munch at vallarta, the spot. i'm at work right now, don't know what's going on tonight...


yesterday was thanksgiving. we drove up to hayward and went to my aunts house. when we got there the food was all ready so we got munched. my cousins were except rich, natalie and er sisters but wit was still cool. we watched training day which was pretty good, but i was sick the whole night with a runny nose and sucked, but im feeling better today. good food, i had my share of ham and turkey and a good thanksgiving.