Monday, April 19, 2010

life still sucks.

just bombing downhill.

my arm & fist are still cut up & bruised. still hurts. everythings just getting worse, kinda sucks. the weekend was good until i put my guitar down after our set. i feel totally weird & different now.. chill mode for sure now.

things i learned this weekend:
1. don't piss in other people's front doors.
2. gonz loves to fight.
3. girls are fucking weird as shit. :/
4. i get loud.
5. i suck at life still.


Michelle (Meesha) said...

You don't suck at life!!!

Carlos Reyes. said...

right. i suck at life & relationships (romantic & friendly). hhhmmmmm who hired you?

Michelle (Meesha) said...

I think you're a fantastic friend :)