Monday, September 28, 2009

back in the bay

just got back from san diego. good ass time. met cool people hung out at rad places & heard good music & skated...cant be bad.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

so long san diego

took a nap after eating now we heading out riding off into the sunset. it was a good weekend.

sd pizza

good deal. better than little caesar's. bought a pizza for myself, i'mma get fat.

sd life.

had a good sleep last night, woke up & at ocean beach now chillin'...pretty sweet. weathers ok, better than ocean beach sf.

metaphor show

show last night was fun. all the bands were sick. our set got cut short in between 1249. sucks but we only played 2 songs before that. fun time though.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

skatin in san diego

found some nice spots & got the sesh started....hella hot out here


here at melissa's house in sd. the beast is outside guarding..gonna take a quick nap

flat out

stopped off & found a nice surprise. dominic & i skated like 2 miles searchin for a wrench til we had to buy one at a kragen. crazy sesh..smooth ground. got that fixed & on the road again

pit stop shit stop

about to pass the grapevine. travel life. had to skate for a bit at the gas station.

gilroy, ca

munch stop at in n out earlier. good shit to fill us up for the road. dunno where we at now though, almost at bakersfield.

giants vs cubs

went to the game tonight before i took off for the weekend. the weather at the park was good & warm til the end. not bad. thats more than i can say about the game though, we lost 3-0 .

get up kids @ fillmore

went to see the get up kids on monday after skating. picked up kelly & went down. met up with ed mario kristin elizabeth willy & josie. youth group was cool, never heard em before. get up kids were sick! played hella good songs. i felt like i was at pop's via diary night heh. went to the studio after & gonz & karna were studying...drawing crazy chem stuff

secret spot ssf

skated the new spot on monday. cesar & ck were bbqing & hooked it up with a cheeseburger..sweet spot

baby blue bbq

this spot is near my house so might as well try. i went for the burger. it was good, filled w/ some stuff inside, i dunno what. tomatoes & cilantro maybe? the bbq sauce was ok kinda sweet. kelly had the bbq chicken sandiwch & that was good so were the mashed potatoes. still kinda like pete's more though...

amigo fest

i been hella lagging this week but im on my way to san diego for a show so might as well catch up.

amigo fest was the shit. all the bands played hella sick. flat out had a guest singer, saulo. pretty rad. ordstro played roflmao for us we didnt even know. they killed like always. koalacaust was a good ass time. they play hella crazy & the singer took his clothes off & had crazy shit written on his body & drawn eyeballs & shit. also wore a duct tape thong haha. so wild. clarissa explains it all was a party. hella good & energy. matty g played bass & wolverine made a guest appearance. we played after & all i remeber was someone crowd surfing. siickk. i didnt get pictures of the last bands(too perked) but unchained was sick. jaren is crazy got that pit started. shia labeoufs was rad too. first time seein em & they had dominic on drums for a bit. 5 characters played last. they killed soooo good. robbies wild too. had an amigo fest on haha. most of the bands that stayed took amigo fest group pictures. afterwards chillllleeeedddd got hella beer haha. end of a goood ass night.