Monday, November 29, 2010

breeze bane.

came out to check out irrelevant @ the 23 club.

saw family!!

raccoons are the best.

irrelevant didn't play, but arto & berto's other band did.

young eddy & jesiah played pool.

mini diary night.

scotty 15 kirby was in town so we hit up cat haus to party. we lurked in babyface's room, since most of us are allergic to cats & his room was least death. had his laptop hooked up & got the jams out.

rich killa on bass! flashbacks of 2005!

flor de cana! all my fam drinkin this on thanksgiving had me craving some of my own.

emo babies gettin down.

kirby is fuuucckkkeeddd...


passed out.

all good nights should end like this.

Friday, November 26, 2010


went down to derek's house after family dinner.

gonz & derk jammed for a bit.

then hit up victoria's house in the richideez. matt & mars came down too.

feliz dia de gracias.

dia de gracias.

angel wanted to take a pic.

mom & uncle rich.

hen gettin' munched.


kids lurked downstairs.

rich dressed up as hen, wig & all. hahaha.

happy thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

puttin shit on hd.

hung out with some homies at the hardhouse before turkey day.

lurkin in allyson's room.


hector! (not the same one richard kelly sings about)

she knows nicky t.

yee yeeaaah amigos. fun night.

jam & munch.

jammed w/ michele & mars. good shit.

vallarta sesh!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the hen returns.

the hen is back after a 4 month break due to foot injury. we hit up the bane to a favorite mellow spot. but the pink taco wasn't there...

...but the blue taco was! name change.

hen gettin feebz.

mountain lady!!!