Tuesday, December 22, 2009


check out this video from between the streets fest a few months ago.

thanks to the dude that filmed this for us & thanks to the secret alley!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

chris cole!

here's a little clip of cole & his award & check & also phelps talking from last night.

skater of the year party

went to the thrasher party again this year. hella fun! it was in fort mason, big ass place. they had a mini ramp & justin strubing was killin it. saw hella homies there. we were able to get into the back where we got free tacos, sweet! saw chris cole, busenitz, tony hawk & hella other pro's. it was pretty rad. free pbr's all night. cole soty 09 congrats!

crazy trees

folsom & 23rd

Thursday, December 10, 2009

grant & green

played a show last night in north beach. hella people came. atheorem was the shit! an isotope was fuckin rad too, but i forgot to get pictures of them. good night though, got a free joint, kenny almost fought an aussie & i talked shit to random people like always. went to pop's after just in time for last call. martin from retard strength showed up too. we hit up farolito to munch after. hungover today...sorta

Monday, December 7, 2009


played a show yesterday at r5 records with orchestra. it was a fun time despite the only dude in the crowd was a sacto dude named lynn. thanks for comin sir. we ate 5 dollar bento box and drank hella beer. party. this is a foreshadowing of tour...its gonna be a fat party..the orchestra kids could hang being around me the asshole haha

Friday, December 4, 2009

5 fingers of death

went to t-fo & heard music..went to check it out & saw isaiah & russell's band playin. ricky was in attendance too. they were sick!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

broken studio

tried to get into the studio last night & my key broke off in it. had to go buy all new locks & shit. getting the door open was the shitty part, hella hard but eventually with the teamwork of gonz karna ed & i we managed to unlock the door & change the lock. wooooo!

happy birthday hen

sunday we went out to celebrate hen's birthday which was on monday. we hit up delirium with young eddy, eddie & richard kelly too. it was cool, saw some homies there, got perked. we skated to zeitgeist & played some pool. mic-e reyes was there & bought us a pitcher! soo rad. went back to delirium just in time for last call. ended the night with the epic skate back home down valencia.

geraldine & angel's wedding.

met up with kelly, gonz & carolina on saturday & headed out to the top floor of the carnelian room. hella nice view. we got a table at the reception with alecia, jenna & silvia. walked around china town in search for a bottle of jack which i eventually found AFTER we left c town. chinatown sucks. oh well. went back in & munched on some good meat. it was a rad time. afterwards went to pop's , it was formal night..lucky. saw a portrait of phil on the way back home. sweet.


played the starry plough with orchestra of antlers. it was cool & good food.