Sunday, September 28, 2008


Click the picture for a closer look...

Ohh shiet....Anyways, mobile blogger will be down for a while..My phone is being super lame.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Morning.

Don't really know what's going on today so I'm here at Starbucks gtting free coffee from Kelly while my clothes are washing at home.

Phantom Float.

Phantom Float were up next. They started out with a new one and it was sick. They played a lot of good songs, and the crowd was into them. I'm stoked to see them again, too and the guys in the band are really nice, chill dudes to talk to, too. P Float and Pteradon were the bands of the night I'd say. The other bands were cool, too. After the show, we all hit up Jack in the Box and cut out home, perked...


So we got to SJ a little late but luckily the show hadn't started yet, so we went to the store and bought tall cans. Pteradon was 2nd and they were fucking good. Haven't seen em live in a few years and it was cool to see em again. Max the drummer talked to us for a while, he's hella funny and chill. They played a bunch of new stuff I haven't heard most and Contraband. Really good. After their set, more tall cans.

Day In The Park.

Yesterday was South City's annual Day in the Park. It was pretty cool, had a tall can before I went down. Saw my grandma and aunt there, a bunch of new generation skater kids. Skated and got interviewed all day. Fun! Headed out to ElCo swooped Hen and then PV for a while before RK came down and went to San Jose.


not too much going on Friday-wise, went to Newell's with Vicki and Kelly. Vicki broke up a fight, Kelly got hit on by old white dude with cool bike (not fixie) and some lady grabbed me and started to dance. She told me I didn't even have to dance and that she'll do all the dancing. I felt like a stripper pole.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

3rd and army

nice sesh


rk and hen


chillin at dolores. hung out with birthday girl amanda for quick sec and jd and nick. back at dolores waiting for hen. weathers OK but nothing too bad get a sweater and youre good. plus a 40 warms chu up

Becca's Birthday.

Went skating with Nino and Gordo for a while. Then went out to Friday's for Becca's birthday dinner...went to Vicki's house afterwards to get perked..Bam passed out early heh

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Titty City.

I wanna buy this shirt:

Maybe after work...

Already purchased!! They didn't have it at the shop so I purchased online, yessss...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

happy birthday mattt!!

21st at pops!

RIP Papa

He was part of Hell's Angels and was shot like 2 weeks ago. Hen Ed and I saw him chillin at Precita a few hours before he was shot 2 blocks away from my house. One of 7 that have happened in the last 3 weeks. Sucks.