Monday, February 16, 2009

MJ 1/OG-1.

I was checking out UBS today and I saw they have finally released the Emerica OG-1. They're re-releases of the original MJ 1 but had to change the name since he's on Lakai now. Check 'em out:

I'm pretty fucking stoked on these. I've been waiting forever to get 'em again. I used to skate the original ones in high school. They were one of the best shoes I've skated in. They last long and skate good, feel good & everything. And the only change in 'em is the logo changing the MJ on the tongue to an OG. So that's rad. I think I'mma order 'em today if I can't find a better price. sweeeeet... so I'll leave chu on this note, skating in the OG MJ 1's, enjoi.

and might as well check out Marc Johnson skating in them too.

And since we're getting MJ on here today, check out Epicly Later'd where Pat's doing a feature on Marc Johnson right now. 2 episodes deep already, the guy is pretty weird. I knew he was weird before but still...funny dude.

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