Friday, February 13, 2009

Hero Shots.

So I'm not sure if anyone out there reading this reads The Berrics but they got Wednesdays With Reda and he always does the hero shot with all the guests. For a better idea, check this @ 0:15:

So, that gave me an try my own. I got this nice idea while chilling at Ed's place and here they are:



Basically, what I've been doing lately is just lurking hard. I hate getting all livejournal steeze on this so I'll try my best not to. AT&T fucked up my data plan so we'll all be seeing pictures soon because we all know I suck at writing. But I'm thinking of starting to write posts up soon...Maybe I'll start with a review of this video I jsut got off eBay for $ price I could find NEW...other place had it for $100...sweeeet deal.

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