Friday, February 6, 2009

I'd Rather Just See Pictures Than Hear 1,000 Words About 'Em.

So the past few days have been weird. I haven't really been feeling my classes this semester...maybe it's the lack of sociology classes I'm taking (none). But they're basically not really too interesting to me. I'm taking 2 psych classes and an astronomy class. I used to be really into psychology but now it's just too much science for me to care about. I guess I'll just wait until the social-psychology section in our class, which most likely will be at the end of the semester. Whatevs, I gotta finish though so I hope I can stick in...

The rain started. It started while I was at Ghost Mountain the other night and hasn't stopped since. It's a reaaaalll big bummer since the rain makes me sad & also, I can't go skating really. I gotta find some indoor spots. It just bums me out because I reaalllyy wanna go skating.

My phone has died. At first I started noticing that when it was plugged into the charger, it wouldn't charge. Sometimes it would though, so it didn't really bother me. But after a while, it stopped charging and just fucking flat out died on me. The dude at AT&T told me it was probably because I plug in the charger too hard (what?!)...I have delicate hands, bro. So what he did was try to upgrade my shit which would cost a nice bill so I held off on that. I thought I had insurance so I'd get a new phone but I guess not. So I'mma just get a new phone. I will probably get the same phone and get the same problems, but it was a pretty good one. I just hope none of my contacts and pictures and videos are deleted, because I hate doing all that shit.

I was supposed to go out to PopScene last night with Dee Dee & her friends, but shit happened & I wasn't really in a mood to dance so I ended up at the studio with Vicki & The Hen. Gonz showed up later & Ed too and we just drank some beers and jammed for a bit. We're getting ready to play the Balazo show, I just gotta work on getting the eBow sound good, since we always play at different volume levels the eBow comes out too loud at times.

It's Friday & I don't really have shit planned, but I'll probably end up at the studio. I'm not driving tonight, finally, so I'm planning on getting fucked up. Hopefully I can find something better to do but it's Friday & we usually go to Brentwood, however I don't really wanna go there tonight.

I normally don't write on here but I guess I'll have to for a while, kickin' livejournal steeze, until I get a new phone and get back up on the mobile blogging life once again. I might carry around my digital camera and get some better shots, get that hi-res shit done, son...Well whatevs.

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