Saturday, August 14, 2010

fish creek

starting fires, listening to death metal


oh hey man!

went to rock creek for a dippin sesh

so chill

jon tried to talk to some teenage girls chillin at da bottom, gonz came behind & pantsed that nigga.

model pose, pubes & all




v-necks thru out da trip. uniform for life

rockin' out to linkin park, courtesy of big al & big bob.

camp neighbors big al & big bob chilled with us da first night, heard their jamz, drank their whiskey, talked about life.

meat! breakfast lunch & dinner. bbq's rule

in da sierras

stopped to czech out da view


good ass trip. so much fun. nice views, mellow people. weather was fun.

i got more pix of da trip via camera phone, will post l8r yo

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