Friday, July 23, 2010

skate diary

photos ranging from 7/17 to 7/20...

jeff hittin up karaoke with "josie"

this is my bluh

the crew, killin' it

young tuck!


jeff lennon

gummi caterpillars

hit up dolores for a sesh saturday before maps & atlases at bottom of the hill.


came out to lauren's house after the show to chill.

owner of da haus


sunday. randy with a front crooks

heavenly loaf

got a good night sesh going

hen came through to party, broken foot ain't gonna stop him.

royd's first time.

alison! yeaaahhh

diary night, one year anniversary.

da spot.

hit up bryant st. haus after emo night, a good way to end it.

cool by association.

more photos from the weekend, diary night & more on meesha's blog and hen's blog.



Allan said...

Ha! Rad pics as usual!

Carlos Reyes. said...

thanks sir ;)