Sunday, July 18, 2010

house shows, bbqs, birthdays.

listen to moccretro.

it was allyson & matt's birthday celebration.

scott's the man.

skated down treat.

hit up bryant st. house.

bbq/potluck wednesdays.

pop's sesh afterwards.


skated up 24th in the morning.

havarti party @ da ali's haus

commissure played too, but i forgot to ask some photogs to help us out with flicks. here's clarissa

cxia played an awesome set.

working 830-630 six days a week. this is all i have to show.


Meesha said...

ess gee said...

that spongebob crowdsurfin foto's siiik man... 1) bowl hit 2)young tuck 3)rays mad