Sunday, October 14, 2007


Life is boring. I pretty much just chill at home and play video games. It sucks. People visit and I go out, and that's cool, until my foot starts to hurt and I become a slob. Oh well, heh.

I finally figured out the problem I've been having with this. Everytime I try to log in, it would say invalid password or whatever and I always have to reset my password in order to post, which is why I barely post, but now I got it! It says enter E-MAIL and idiot me kept putting the account name... STUPID!

Yesterday I went to the Margate comp. It was run by the South City and Daly City locals. I showed up with Richard Kelly and Margate was packed. We came a little late but had enough time to watch the last sesh. Randy and some dude were going down the planter. But the locals didn't like random dude and his crew so they all threw a fit. It was crazy but I've never seen skater kids try to kick people out of a spot. Good thing I'm cool with them.

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