Sunday, September 30, 2007

Come Back Put On Hold (Again).

So yesterday we decided to go filming for our fourth video "Come Back" and went to BART to warm up. I picked up CK and met up with Rodney at BART. Hen showed up soon afterwards and took pics for us.

BART crew: Rodney, Carlos, CK.

So we skated BART for a while, trying to film and stuff. Waiting for Gordon Lee AKA Wootnik. It was cool because I got to skate a 5 for the first time in a while. I skated it regularly with not much of any problems. Got a few tricks down but nothing worth filming.

Kickflip down the 5.

We waited for Wootnik to come but he hella lagged so we decided to just drive over to SF and skate Jefferson Elementary and film some more at the 10 stair. There was a lot of traffic and assholes that can't drive but we finally got there. The stair set was hella small so I just decided to go for it.

10 Stair Ollie.

I tried to ollie it a few times and kept bailing out. I finally stomped one down the stairs and the impact sent me straight to the floor, slamming on my shoulder. I got back up and decided to try it again.


I went for the ollie and when I landed my foot slipped off and I tweaked my ankle. At first I thought I just sprained it pretty bad but when I looked at my foot it was crooked. I was just screaming in pain, it hurt pretty bad. I stayed on the floor as Hen called up the ambulance. And before they came, Wootnik showed up. He pretty much showed up for nothing.

Paramedics Arrived and Cut Off My Sock.

CK had to wait on 19th Avenue for the ambulance to arrive but when they got there they had to wait for a fire truck to come and bring bolt cutters. We had hopped the fence to skate the school and they had no way of getting into the school so they had to break the lock on the fence.

Ankle of Death.

The paramedics got there pretty fast. They cut my sock off checked out my ankle and iced it up. They put me on a stretcher and took me to the ambulance. Hen and CK had to take my car since I drove. Good thing Hen has his license.

Tuff Gnarl!
The ambulance ride didn't take that long. They took me over to USCF and checked me out there. The references to that show "Scarred" were endless, pretty much everyone had to mention it. "Oh it's like that show 'Scarred' you ever see that? You could be on it!" I was over it. So I took some X-Rays and waited for the doctors to tell me what was up. They checked it out and told me that I had broken my heel bone, dislocated/fractured my ankle and broke a few smaller bones in my foot. They said they had to pop my ankle back in place so they took me over to some room to do the procedure. They had to put me to sleep and as soon as I woke back up my ankle was straight again but wrapped up in some big ass cast/bandage thing. Kelly, Hen and CK came and chilled with me for a while. The ortho doc said that I had to spend the night to see if my foot gets worse and if it did I'm gonna need surgery. So they took me up to the 14th floor and gave me a room with a nice view of the city. Kelly said she'd spend the night with me in my room. In the middle of the night, the ortho doc came and checked up on me and told me that I'm OK and that the chances of me needing surgery are super slim. I was pretty stoked. He said I could leave in the morning. So morning came and ate breakfast (which was actually pretty good for hospital food) and got all the discharge stuff ready. We had to wait for crutches to get ordered and then wait for the X-Rays. When all that was done I was wheelchaired out of the hospital and back into freedom. I don't know how long I'll be out for but this video really IS a come back...shit! So now I'm on vicodin and just chillin' at home. More updates soon...


Meesha Boom said...

UGH!!!!!!!!!! ankle of death!!!

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