Saturday, January 15, 2011


2010 was wild:
- commissure's 1st tour. we headed out to austin,tx & made some stops. so fucking fun.
- broke up w/ gf of 5 years, heh. whatevs. hella stoked now though even though at first i was bummed. oh well, ya learn.
- shows, shows, shows!
- made new friends, hung out with others a lot more.
- had fun.
- explored.
- met cool girls & shitty girls. whatevs.
- SKATEBOARDING! fuck yeah, hit new spots, learned a shitload of new tricks, filmed a bit, was in the friends section for skating on the tv, started official come back///hail santan filming.
- job situash is getting better.
- no school.
- i had a bike for a bit. reminded myself why i love skateboarding.
- raccoons!!!

i guess that's it. 2010 was rad.
that's all pretty much i can think of right now.

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