Friday, June 11, 2010


sooo sick. we were featured on SF Weekly. thanks to erik baer & gonz for showing me.

click here to check the article.

"Amigo Fest 2010 @ Sub-Mission Gallery (Saturday) Pay the requisite $5 for this all-ages show and you can watch nine idiosyncratic bands during one night on multiple stages at Sub-Mission. That's correct, nearly ten acts for a total of $5. Perhaps you've never heard of the headlining acts, but I can assure you, it will be one hell of a fun show. The band names might say it all: Cheez it Failure, Shia LaBeoufs, Orchestra of Antlers, Clarissa Explains it All and Five Characters in Search of an Exit, amongst others. The only thing these acts all have in common? --"we love to play music." Reason enough for me. ($5, 6 p.m.)"

pretty stoked. it's tomorrow!! gonna be wild. if ya haven't yet, check out the
facebook event.

see ya there tomorrow!

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