Friday, January 15, 2010


we're back from tour. shit was sooo fucking fun i wanna go back on the road already. guess we're already starting to plan the next tour - northwest. yeeeaaahhh!!

anyways, come welcome us & orchestra of antlers back from our tour. also, ordstro will be playing their first show since their tour. peninsula homies sleepers & adventure playground will also be playing with their sick ass music & sister crayon from sacramento will play also. they're good too.

come check it out, this will probably be one of the best sub-mission shows we've done.


help out our homies ORCHESTRA OF ANTLERS win the deli sf's reader polls for best emerging artists of 2009. click here & vote, ya don't even gotta make an account or none of that stupid shit:

help us out by spreading the word.
post the flier on facebook, myspace, twitter, your blog, whatever. let's get people out there tomorrow!
and also help out orchestra by voting & telling your amigos.

see ya tomorrow, world.


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