Saturday, September 26, 2009

amigo fest

i been hella lagging this week but im on my way to san diego for a show so might as well catch up.

amigo fest was the shit. all the bands played hella sick. flat out had a guest singer, saulo. pretty rad. ordstro played roflmao for us we didnt even know. they killed like always. koalacaust was a good ass time. they play hella crazy & the singer took his clothes off & had crazy shit written on his body & drawn eyeballs & shit. also wore a duct tape thong haha. so wild. clarissa explains it all was a party. hella good & energy. matty g played bass & wolverine made a guest appearance. we played after & all i remeber was someone crowd surfing. siickk. i didnt get pictures of the last bands(too perked) but unchained was sick. jaren is crazy got that pit started. shia labeoufs was rad too. first time seein em & they had dominic on drums for a bit. 5 characters played last. they killed soooo good. robbies wild too. had an amigo fest on haha. most of the bands that stayed took amigo fest group pictures. afterwards chillllleeeedddd got hella beer haha. end of a goood ass night.

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