Wednesday, July 22, 2009


hella fun last night at pop's. many homies, hella pitchers & games o pool. they even played hot water music! stoked. went on a forgotten skate sesh & hit up ghost mountain afterwards...we were out til 4am heh

EDIT: totally forgot about this night. blasting modest mouse in ed's car in the wee hours with michele with one l & tucker from clarissa explains it all. also, fucking smashing down 24th on our boards & respective bike. almost went to the beach WTF and twin peaks. haha too perked i think i pissed in someones backyard


lurkr said...

i hope you didn't forget the well-sustained momo sing/scream-along.

Carlos Reyes. said...

dude, i totally did until sometime yesterday..gotta update that, hahaha