Friday, June 12, 2009

get your brackets on

so i picked my brackets for The Battle at the Berrics 2 . i'm going for chris cole to win it all this time. i'd like to see busenitz destroy but if he ends up going against cole, it's done. haslam has crazy ass tricks, so he could go far. ever see cheese & crackers? shit's sick. as for cairo vs josiah...i just saw that kid's videos on chutube & he's pretty good. cairo is rad & all but i'm not too sure of his tricks. kalis gots his shit good. p-rod's a robot..apples is good & trapasso just might beat the soty. jerry hsu is fucking crazy. watch his epicly later'd & you'll see what he can do. i also think he can take out p-rod. hsu is crazy at switch & has all that nollie late shit going. appleyard might be able to take josh kalis. it'd be a techy battle. but hsu will still beat apples. at the end, hsu vs cole & cole's gonna take it. he's just too crazy. haslam will come out 3rd over appleyard. it's just the way it's gonna go down.

so hopefully this shit starts soon, cuz i wanna see how the results go about.

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