Friday, November 21, 2008

FUT SOTY 2008!!

So I was checking my "Vegas Account" online today and saw a random ass $14.95 charge on my account by some company I've never heard of. So I Google their name only to find out that it's from I found this website that has a shitload of complaints from hella people that have had the same thing happen to lame. Hella lame. So I fucking called these dudes and was like "I wanna cancel my membership AND get my money back." The lady tried telling me to keep my membership active and I was like what I don't needa check my report everyday and shit. So I said no. But she wouldn't give in. Also, she said that I had 7 days to cancel my membership and they even gave me 2 extra days. Rad, how nice. But me being an asshole completely lied to her and I told her "Dude, I checked the site and it says 30 days trial membership" and she was like no but I didn't give up. I told her all I agreed to see on my bank statement was a $1 authorization fee. Fuck that, that didn't even show up. Bullshit. So I kept telling her that this is fucked and I don't want anything to do with these people until FINALLY she goes, "Let me put chu on hold and I'll see what I can do." So she gets back and tells me she canceled my account and refunded my money. GOOD. I better see some changes in my statement, especially since Obama is president now. And she didn't really say "chu" but chu know.

But on a lighter note, after that whole shindig. I find out that Silas Baxter-Neal is Thrasher Magazine's 2008 Skater Of The Year. So chu know what that means...SOTY Party!! I haven't been to one since 2001 when Arto Saari won and as soon as I canceled that bullshit I purchased myself a ticket for this year's party. Pretty stoked. It's gonna be at the Great American Music Hall & Too Short is gonna perform. Epic. Epic. Epic.

Anyways...favorite SBN ad..taken a few blocks from my house. Maybe this spot may look familiar to some? Heh.

Oh yeah maybe chu seen this spot Here or here??


Oh yeah and the posts from this site that show up on FaceBook...lame. It doesn't even show the videos.

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