Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Built to Spill 9/8/08 Slim's,

I just got back from the Built to Spill show at Slim's. It was fucking awwweeesssooommmeeeeee...Every song was great.

Randy Described Eternity
I Would Hurt A Fly
Stop The Show
Made-Up Dreams
Velvet Waltz
Out Of Site
Kicked It In The Sun
Untrustable/Part 2 (About Someone Else)
Goin' Against Your Mind

Virginia Reel Around The Fountain

Holy shit, this show was deaatthh.. I was right in the front. They played their album Perfect From Now On start to finish and 3 extra songs. Doug Martsch was playing like a beast solos with his eyes closed like he was dreaming. They even got the cello/violin/idk parts in...sooo raaaddd... I'll put pictures tomorrow..I'm also going to night 2 ehhhhhhh

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