Monday, June 30, 2008

John v. Chris.

So Saturday was the opening of the new SF skatepark. I was at Streetwise earlier that day waiting for CK and just chillin'. John (the guy on the left & Streetwise owner) had been talking about how Chris Dunn had been causing some troubles for him & the shop lately. Fast forward to the skate park. Everyone's chillin' and skating, EMB crew is hanging out on the hill, with Chris. After a while of skating I see everyone getting loud and I turn to my right and see John and Chris going at it. Fucking crazy. The Streetwise kids & I headed over to the fight to try to calm it down but it was calm before I made it to the top of the hill. Everyone seemed cool afterwards, John left and Chris stayed. I ended up seeing Chris later that night at Pop's, good spirited and everything heh. It's crazy because both those dudes are rad people, at least he was nice to me when I saw him there.

Anyways, Saturday was sweet. Skatepark, then went to Balazo Gallery to see Kenny, Jon, Matt & Evan's band, Lost Cause perform. They were hella sick. I had a beer there, 2 bucks not bad. So after they were done, I headed out with Kelly to McDonald's to eat. We ate and headed towards Pop's to meet up with Young Eddy and Richard Kelly. There were pro's and OG EMB heads there, it was sick to lurk amongst them. Heh. So after the bar we dropped off Shelly and went to Gonz's house. We watched some videos via ChuTube then went skating at PV. For some reason at 1AM the lights were still on. I got 4 bangers that night on the box. Goood sesh. We ended the night and I ended up home at 3AM..

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crazy ass guy.